Episode 2 – Exceptional Wallet Friendly Wines

This weeks episode features Le Roy’s Brother, Steve Guilford, A Wine Consultant for a Grocery Outlets. Steve curates an exceptional wine collection for his stores and brings some of the best value wines available. Join them as they taste their way through a list of extraordinary wines that won’t destroy your wallet. If you’d likeContinue reading “Episode 2 – Exceptional Wallet Friendly Wines”

The Debut Episode is here!

This weeks show features guest Rafael Navarro and special guest Dr. Enrique Ferro. Rafael, an avid car enthusiast, is the owner of The Navarro Family Vineyards in the Temecula Valley Wine Country. Their new wine, a Sangiovese, is processed and finished in the classic Brunello di Montalcino style. Join in as they discuss his greatContinue reading “The Debut Episode is here!”