Episode #13 – Coordinates Vineyards

This episode LeRoy is joined by show guest Austin Kerr, the founder of Coordinates Vineyards, a winery nestled in the burgeoning Texas Wine Country. Listen in as they discuss his fascinating story as well as talk Texas and South African wines. You can find out more about Coordinates Vineyards at: http://www.coordinatesvineyards.com

Episode #12 – Wine & Mobile Apps

This episode we explore the use of technology & mobile apps in the world of wine. Guest John Ferrera, an entrepreneur and mobile app developer, joins us as we talk about his latest site and mobile app that serves as a wine and adult beverage guide. You can find John’s site at: http://www.annco.com

Episode #11 – The Art of Growing Grapes

This episode we’re joined by show guests Mike & Paula Carol who among other things, grow wine grapes on their ranch in De Luz, CA. A follow up to the last episode, join in as we explore what it takes to grow grapes. With a little DIY attitude, anyone can get in on the fun.

Episode #10 – Sprouting Vines

Have you ever been curious to learn more about viticulture? Ever wondered how hard it would be to sprout your own vines? Join us this week as we take a deeper look into sprouting and growing grape vines for wine making.

Episode #9 – You can’t Wine about this Sausage!

This Episode features Show Guest “Mad” Mike McCoy. Mike is a restaurateur, wine enthusiast, and gourmet sausage maker. Join in on the fun as they discuss his journey and some great wine and sausage pairings.

Episode #8 – Turk-tastic Wines!

Listen in as we talk this weeks Thanksgiving themed episode about the best Turkey wines. Guest Steve Guilford, the wine curator himself, joins the show again to talk some very delicious and very affordable wine pairings for your thanksgiving feast!

Episode #6 – Sofee, A Unique Craft Experience!

Join in this week as we talk Sofee! A very unique craft carbonated cold brew coffee. With show guest Chad Hazen, A former MTV research specialist, Home brewer and Craft brewery investor. Chad is the proprietor and creator of Sofee Cold Brew. Join in as they talk about this delicious and unique beverage that’s veryContinue reading “Episode #6 – Sofee, A Unique Craft Experience!”

Episode #5 – Movies, Netflix, and the Wine Bible

This weeks exceptionally entertaining and fun episode features guests Matthew Fahey, actor and producer known for such shows as Animal Kingdom and Awkward, and his fiancĂ© Kasey Dunn, whos specializes in wealth management for professional athletes. Join them as they discuss what lead to them to their love of wine and tackling the “Wine Bible”Continue reading “Episode #5 – Movies, Netflix, and the Wine Bible”

Episode 4 – The Best of Before Six

This weeks episode features a Best of “Before Six” segments featured on the “Dining with Dills” radio show on KLAA AM 830. Join Le Roy as he takes you on a fun look back at the journey that led to the creation of The Spill the Wine Show Podcast. Featuring appearances by Peter Dills, JustinContinue reading “Episode 4 – The Best of Before Six”