Episode #10 – Sprouting Vines

Ep.# 16 – Music & Wine The Spill the Wine Show

LeRoy is joined by show guest Eric Knight. Listen in as they talk music, and of course, everyone's favorite subject. Wine!
  1. Ep.# 16 – Music & Wine
  2. Ep. #15 – wine cruisin'
  3. Ep. #14 – Becoming a Wine Smarty with a Master of Wine
  4. Ep. #13 – Coordinates Vineyards
  5. Ep. #12 – Wine & Mobile Apps

Have you ever been curious to learn more about viticulture? Ever wondered how hard it would be to sprout your own vines? Join us this week as we take a deeper look into sprouting and growing grape vines for wine making.

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One thought on “Episode #10 – Sprouting Vines

  1. Enjoying your show! Great to see you doing what you’ve loved for so long. I don’t get out and taste too often anymore, but I still like to enjoy a glass or two when I get the chance. I’ve got a small cellar set up with several nice wines that haven’t seen the light of day in a few years. With the nice weather we’re experiencing right now, I think it’s time to see if they’re as good as I hoped they would be. Cheers!


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