Welcome! The Spill the Wine Show is a podcast all about the WINE and the FUN. This is THE wine talk show. With a flavor sure to please every pallet. The show host Le Roy “The Wine Guy” Guilford will take you on a fun and entertaining deep dive into all things wine. Check back regularly for the latest episodes!

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Latest Episodes

Episode #15 – Wine Cruisin’!

On this episode, LeRoy is joined by show guest Chris Baptiste of Blue Ribbon Cruises. They’re a travel company that specializes in doing “Wine Cruises” for wineries. Join in and here the fun details as they discuss the many winery cruises through Europe and the old world wine country. You can find out more about…

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Episode #14 – Becoming a Wine Smarty with a Master of Wine

This episode we are joined by Rick Delucio, a WSET Level 3 Sommelier, and Lindsey Pomeroy, a Certified Master of Wine. Listen in as they talk about their wine classes, Wine Smarties, and all things wine. Hear their stories and so much more in this can’t miss episode. You can find out more about our…

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Episode #12 – Wine & Mobile Apps

This episode we explore the use of technology & mobile apps in the world of wine. Guest John Ferrera, an entrepreneur and mobile app developer, joins us as we talk about his latest site and mobile app that serves as a wine and adult beverage guide. You can find John’s site at: http://www.annco.com

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Episode #11 – The Art of Growing Grapes

This episode we’re joined by show guests Mike & Paula Carol who among other things, grow wine grapes on their ranch in De Luz, CA. A follow up to the last episode, join in as we explore what it takes to grow grapes. With a little DIY attitude, anyone can get in on the fun.

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Episode #10 – Sprouting Vines

Have you ever been curious to learn more about viticulture? Ever wondered how hard it would be to sprout your own vines? Join us this week as we take a deeper look into sprouting and growing grape vines for wine making.

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The Show host LeRoy Guilford is a long time wine industry professional from the Temecula wine country. His knowledge and passion about the wine industry has been described as infectious by those that know him. Read more

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